What is the right spending?

Certain beliefs are engrained in us since childhood. One such is about Money. Whether we realize it or not, many of our assumptions about how Money works and how to manage it best come from our upbringing. One such belief for me is how much to spend. I was raised in a middle-class family in…More

So you hate your job? Really?

Do you have fun doing your job? Do you enjoy your job as much as your hobby? I know this may sound like a stupid question and you may say who likes their job that much. But trust me, this is one of the most important questions you need to ask yourself to succeed in…More

AI in Search will come at a cost. Are we ready to pay?

ChatGPT has shocked and rocked not only the technology world but also the general public. There are tweets about it, articles about it, courses on how to master ChatGPT, books on how you can use it to run a business using ChatGPT, and much more content.   ChatGPT is just one of the upcoming Generative AIs that promise to disrupt…More

What has 2020 prepared us for?

I am writing this post on the eve of the new year, 2021. Years change every 365 days, and time keeps moving. Personally, I never give significance to the change of the year. Nothing changes with the change of year; all the celebration is just our way to deceive ourselves. At best, years, months, or any…More

What’s your Plan B?

I have been interacting with a lot of you as part of my Initiative Sangtani 1o1, where I allot half an hour of a personal meeting. In this meeting, we discuss your queries about career and life. I am still in the process of answering the initial set of requests, but few themes are emerging.…More

Question All Assumptions

This week I am sharing with you an email question I got and my reply to that. I received this question after the last newsletter, which made me think. I am sharing it more broadly if it can help someone else. Here is a summarized version of the question before we get into the reply…More

Where do you want to reach

This world is full of information, data, and facts. Once you switch on your TV or log into social networking websites (apps), you encounter tons of information, articles, tips, news, stories, quotes, pictures, videos, etc. I am part of that group that shares those. There is much more information than you can grasp in this…More

Always Choose Entrepreneurship

Dear Students, When you are completing your education, it’s natural to be confused about the next steps. Entrepreneurship is a buzzword these days and none of us can avoid the temptation of being an entrepreneur. Today it’s celebrated as Government Jobs was once celebrated in our society. I know there is no comparison but back…More

First, tell me – Why are you here

A few weeks back I wrote about the problem of reducing attention span. We also talked about why it’s becoming essential for all of us to learn the skill to get and retain attention. This skill is one of the differentiators for success in the workplace. If you are starting with this article, I would…More

Red Magical Stone (Shh… that makes you a millionaire)

One day a laborer was sitting tired outside his home. He had enough of scolding from his employer and was tired of carrying bricks at the construction site. He was thinking about how to change his situation. Suddenly a golden chariot stopped in front of him. It was a magnificent chariot. A wealthy-looking Seth in…More