About me

Hi there! I am Gaurav Sangtani. If you are on this page, I am sure you want to know about me. Why would you want to know about me?

In any case, let me tell briefly about myself.

I like to define myself as a Lifelong Learner and Teacher. You can also call me Author, Speaker, Mentor and Coach. I try to help Individuals?and Organizations reach their best potential.

Education has always been my keen interest. I co-founded CA Shiksha, an eLearning portal for students of Chartered Accountancy. Currently, I am Founder and President of Jigyasa Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to Education and Leadership. The organization is working on Innovation in Education and helping Youth develop skillsets required for next-gen Employability.

I have spoken at various Conferences and Educational Institutions including various IIMs and IITs on topics such as Blockchain, Disruptive Technologies and Their Impact, Humans in Age of Artificial Intelligence, Employability in Age of Automation and Inclusive Leadership.

I have also delivered two TEDs?talks on Why it?s time to take AI Seriously and The Art of Disagreement

By Profession, I am Finance expert having?vast experience in Finance, and Consulting.

Time and commitments permitting, I am always available for a speech and talk. You can reach out to me on Gaurav@Sangtani.com

If you need any personal or professional guidance, feel free to drop me note on the above email address.