Where do you want to reach

This world is full of information, data, and facts. Once you switch on your TV or log into social networking websites (apps), you encounter tons of information, articles, tips, news, stories, quotes, pictures, videos, etc. I am part of that group that shares those.

There is much more information than you can grasp in this lifetime. Everything seems interesting, and everyone shares with good intentions, but where is time to read all of that. You decide which one to read based on the picture, a few initial words, or hashtags. Everyone is giving you tips and techniques to achieve something. Everyone is giving you different route maps to reach somewhere.

We read most of it thinking it sounds good, it looks like wisdom, maybe it’s good for me to read, someday it will be useful. 

But do you finish every article you start? Or do you retain anything from all that you read online irrespective of how good that is? If not, does anything deserve your time?

One of the reasons all of this seems more noise than knowledge is because we don’t know what to do with it.

Jordan_Singh On Pixabay

Unless we know what do we want to achieve, all this will remain noise.

Maybe if we knew where we want to reach, one of these maps would make more sense.

I don’t have that answer for you right now because each one of you needs to find out for yourself.

But I want to leave you with those thoughts and one quote from Naval.

People spend too much time doing and not enough time thinking about what they should be doing.” – Naval Ravikant.

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